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Hello, and welcome to this part of the website. I am not sure that anybody is really all that interested in an author – and especially an historian – so do not plan on posting very often with my 'profound' thoughts. People who want to know my ideas on the ancient world can look at the books. These should stand or fall on their own, and ought not to be backed by lots of stuff about my own beliefs and life. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune to be trapped next to me at a party will already know that these are not desperately exciting. As a result there is very little personal stuff anywhere on the site. It's really about the books, and the TV and other work I have done or am doing. Now and again I may get inspired to post some comments here, about interesting ideas or new discoveries, or about books I have read and found especially enjoyable or inspiring – and quite possibly ones written by friends! So there will be occasional additions to this page. Just don't hold your breath or expect too much.

Goodbye for now - Adrian


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