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Fifth novel
The fifth novel in the series is also due for release on 14th August. This one is called Run them ashore and is set in Andalusia culminating in the Battle of Barrosa in 1811. Here is the link to its page on amazon.co.uk

As with Augustus, I shall add a new page to the website with more detail about the latest story.

Later in August, All in Scarlet Uniform will be released in paperback and here is the link
Augustus due out in August
My biography of Augustus will be released next month. Here in the UK, Weidenfeld and Nicolson will release Augustus: from revolutionary to emperor on the 14th August & here is a link to it on amazon.co.uk
In the USA Yale University Press will release it as Augustus: first emperor of Rome on the 26th August & here is the link to amazon.com

There is also an audio cd in the USA and a kindle version in the UK. (I do not yet know whether there will also be a kindle version in the US).

Nearer the time, I will add a new page to the website with more information about the book.
Waterloo Anniversary
Today is the one hundred and ninety-ninth anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Obviously next year will see bigger commemorations of the event, and for those who are interested it is well worth keeping an eye on the website of Waterloo 200

Just as last Autumn there was a deluge of books about 1914 and the start of the Great War, the end of this year will see a flurry of books about 1815 and the Hundred Days. I suspect that they will be a very mixed bag, some good, some not really saying anything new, but at least telling the story well, and a few indifferent. One that will be well worth getting is Gareth Glover, Waterloo: Myth and Reality published by Pen&Sword on the 30th September 2014. I was lucky enough to read an early draft of this, and there is a huge amount that is new and often surprising, which is as you would expect from the editor of the Waterloo Archive series, which currently runs to five volumes.

More recently I have read and enjoyed a couple of books focusing on the Battle of Quatre Bras, fought on the 16th June. The first was Mike Robinson, The Battle of Quatre Bras 1815(Pen&Sword 2009), which covers the whole action from the Allied perspective, and then Erwin Muilwijk, Quatre Bras, Perponcher's gamble (Sovereign House Books, 2013) which deals specifically with the Netherlanders. I am looking forward to Andrew Field, Prelude to Waterloo. Quatre Bras, the French perspective (Pen&Sword, 30th July 2014), which should complement these nicely. The same author's Waterloo - the French perspective was very good.
Hadrian's Wall on-line course
Here is a link to a free on-line course looking at the archaeology of Hadrian's Wall. It is being run by Newcastle University and led by my old friend Prof. Ian Haynes - you may remember that I posted a blog entry about his book The Blood of the Provinces a while ago. It s set to begin in September and run for six weeks. Ought to be good fun, especially for those of you who have not had a chance to visit the Wall or want to reminded of past trips. Hadrian's Wall course
Appearances page
There should be some new entries on the appearances page in the next day or so with four lectures at various festivals and the annual birthday lecture at Caerleon.

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