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The Encirlcing Sea now out in paperback in the UK
The second Vindolanda novel, The Encircling Sea is now available in paperback in the UK. By the look of things this will be available in the USA from February 2019.
The Encircling Sea released
Late posting, but the sequel to Vindolanda was released in hardback and on kindle at the start of the month. More historical background about the story to come over the next weeks.
Lectures on youtube
I have just noticed that film of my lectures at the Rancho Mirage Writers Festival back in January are now up on youtube. Links are below, as well as one to the channel for this and past festivals. There is a lot of good stuff on this, and I'll certainly catch up with many of the talks I was not able to see at the time.

Pax Romana 1

Pax Romana 2

Rancho Mirage Writers Festival
Vindolanda out in paperback
Vindolanda is now on sale in paperback. Included this time is a map of Northern Britain in the period which somehow got missed out of the hardback. Also a short sample of the sequel, The Encircling Sea due for release at the end of May 2018
Vindolanda on sale now
The first novel in my Roman series, Vindolanda is released today.

There is already a fair bit of supporting material on the website. More to follow soon.

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