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Augustus in paperback in USA
Today sees the release of the Yale University Press paperback edition of AUGUSTUS. Must dash - I'm very busy working on the next book! Details of that to follow.
Waterloo event in Penarth Book Festival
Hello all

I shall be taking part in a panel talking about Napoleon and Waterloo as part of the Penarth Book festival - follow this link - on the 12th October.
Augustus in paperback in UK
The paperback of AUGUSTUS. From Revolutionary to Emperor was released on Thursday so should already be in the shops. It's a nice edition, keeping the colour photographs, and with a handsome 'imperial' purple cover. It has given us a chance to correct the errors on the family tree. However, one typo was not spotted until it was too late and it is an embarrassing one because it is in a famous Cicero quote where a 'd' had been missed out. This should read - laudandum aduluscentum, ornandum, tollendum. Thanks to the person who spotted that one and wrote in.
Whose Business is to die
My latest novel is due for release on the 11th June. Whose Business is to die is the sixth in the series (and not fifth as amazon claims) and is set during the campaign leading to the appallingly costly Battle of Albuera in 1811. By the time of the release, there will be a new page on the website with more detail.
Waterloo in History Revealed Magazine
The April issue of History Revealed magazine is now on sale in the UK and contains a long article on the Napoleonic wars and the Waterloo campaign. This is the first time I have written non fiction on anything other than the ancient world. They have laid it out very nicely, with plenty of colourful illustrations, and there are plenty of other interesting articles. The collection of photographs from Gallipoli are especially striking.

PS For reasons of space they had to cut part of the section on visiting the battlefield. If you are heading over to Belgium, then you can do no better than taking David Buttery's Waterloo: Battlefield Guide which I mentioned in an earlier post.

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